In the last two decades or so, solo travelers have increased dramatically in numbers. Earlier, parents were not very convinced to send their daughter (or son) in a foreign land to discover and enjoy their life. But, now this mindset of our dads has changed, perhaps the advancement done in the domain of digital communication is one reason for this.

Traveling solo is a medication for a person, whose life has become both patchy and dull because of his day after day chaotic schedule. Are you also on the same page, and scheduling a solo vacation? If yes, then check out the below common slip-ups to avoid when wandering solo:


  • Don’t pack too much



Are you a first timer? Then, this one is even more vital for you. As most first-time solo vacationers don’t know what things they are going to need in a foreign land, and as a result they pack too much just like a seasoned traveler.

Will it be a great fun to drag around a large overflowing suitcase, and three to four handbags? Probably no, because you are there to enjoy and not to take to take care of your pricey belongings like a guard. Therefore, trim down your packing to one to two handy backpacks to get more freedom, and the ease to enjoy your trip.


  1.    Travel insurance


The majority of us will overlook the idea of inking a travel insurance policy, one reason, maybe, we don’t think too far in our lives. Yes, it is always good to stay positive and think encouraging, but at the same time, one should also be ready to face the challenge thrown at you.

Travel covers also out of the blue incidents like medical emergencies, theft, accidents, and many other unexpected hiccups such as delayed departures, and cancellations. And, it is also great to keep two copies of your travel insurance documents one at home, and another one in your luggage.


  1. Travel without a credit card

Of course, the automatic teller machines are present everywhere in the world, but what if you are in a rural land without these bank machines, and add to that, no cash in your wallet?  Truly a taxing scenario! Therefore, it is advisable to carry a credit card in your document folder.

Try to pay off all your expenses (if possible) with the plastic, and cash payments should the last resort as it is not easy to wonder around in the streets with pockets full of dollars.


  1.  Land in a new place after dark

A new city always looks more challenging in the dark than the daylight, especially if you are all alone. It is better to reach your destination during the daytime, so that you can easily find your booked accommodation with ease, also not invite after daylight thieves.

  1. You don’t save money

Most solo travelers don’t care about the cash in hand and instead spend impulsively to land in a situation when they actually in dire need of some dollars. Therefore, it is significant to save money by every possible corner, from booking your flight tickets online to get best travel discount deals, to the use of coupons to slash your travel spending bills.


The above are top five howlers most of us make when travelling. But, if you   have noted the above or kept in mind for long, you will probably come back home from your solo vacation happily, and with a lot of stories to tell.