Fredo Santana’s or Big Boss Fredo real name is Derrick Coleman born on July 4, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Fredo Santana is not only a rapper or singer but he earns a lot of revenue by different sponsorships, ads, Endorsement featuring and so on. Like his first New York City show at Santos Party house and many of them staying for $100 meet-and-greet to face Fredo afterward. Fredo Santana Net Worth of $ 3,000,000 at the year of 2015&2016. He was arrested when he was only 11 years old. He makes his debut in 2012 by a mixtape it’s a Scary Site then he releases his single debut I Need More in 2013.

Some Basic Information:

                Full Name                    Derrick Coleman
                    Age                        27 years
                 Birth Date                    July 4, 1990
                Birth Sign                       Cancer
               Nationality                      American
               Popular as                        Rapper

·                 Father

·                 Mother


·          Devine Coleman

·          Nakia Coleman

               Nationality                      American
               Birth Place             Chicago, Illinois, USA
                Genres        Hip-Hop, Drill, Trap
               Ethnicity                     Black American
               Color of Hair                     Black
               Color of Eyes                     Brown
               YouTube Hits                     28 Million
               Religious Beliefs                    Christianity
     Debut Mixtape & Single It’s a Scary Site & I Need More
         Nick Name Fredo Santana, Big Boss Fredo
               Body                      Slim, Athletic
               Tatoo Cover’s a large portion of body
               Build                         Athletic
               Labels          Savage Squad Records
               Net Worth                    $ 3,000,000
        Sexual Orientation                        Straight

Interesting Facts about Big Boss Fredo:

  1. According to Village Voice, Fredo arrested for kicking down a bus door on Halloween.
  2. Fredo can regard himself a success story because his heavy innovation is admitted in street despites and the background from where Fredo appears mostly people is dead or jailed.
  3. He sell drugs when he was 11 or 12 for financial support of his family and himself.

List of Fredo’s Santana’s Hit Songs:

Fredo’s hit singles list is following:

∙         Dope Game

∙         Gun Violence

∙         Ring Bells

∙         Better Pay It Smart

∙         Traper of Year

∙         Rollie on My Twist

∙         My Squad

∙         Bought A Big K

∙         That’s No No

∙         Trap Boy

∙         Shit Real

∙         Rob My Plug

∙         Trap Spot

∙         Jealous

∙         All I Ever Wanted

∙         Half of It

∙         Go To War

∙         Round ‘Em Up

∙         Stay High

∙         Wild Niggaz

∙         Smokin’ Dope

∙         Beef

∙         Trap Life

                                                Height Comparison:

Fredo Santana contains 5’7 feet according to authentic sources.


                     Chest                  40 in or 102 cm
                 Arms/Biceps                  12 in or 32.5 cm
                     Waist                  32 in or 34.5 cm
                  Shoe size                       9 US


The weight of Fredo Santana is 161 pounds and in Kg’s it will be 74 kg.